Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

In addition to providing age-appropriate learning environments on Sunday mornings, our church prioritizes Intergenerational Ministry. Intergenerational ministry is a dynamic approach that recognizes the crucial role of cross-generational connections in nurturing faith, especially among children and youth. Research consistently highlights these connections as a significant contributing factor to the lasting faith of the next generation.

By prioritizing Intergenerational Ministry, we reinforce the value of interpersonal connections and create a culture where all members feel valued, respected, and engaged in the life of the church. To promote this, we facilitate special ministry moments and events that focus specifically on bringing together individuals of all ages. This approach emphasizes the value of informal discipleship, facilitating mentorship and mutual encouragement as individuals navigate their faith journey. 
In these vibrant and engaging environments, the church provides a safe and stimulating space for the littlest members. Soft play areas, colorful toys, and age-appropriate activities are scattered throughout the room, encouraging exploration and discovery. Our volunteers are on hand to ensure each child feels loved and cared for while parents attend the service. In our nursery we cater to their developmental needs, fostering a sense of comfort and connection with the church community. Children who are fully potty trained can be considered for next-level programming.

During the Summer this class will only be meeting during the 9:00 service.
For the energetic and curious preschoolers and kindergarteners, the church transforms into a lively hub of learning and fun. Brightly decorated classrooms feature thematic stations, engaging crafts, and interactive storytelling stations. Dedicated teachers lead age-appropriate Bible lessons, incorporating movement, music, and hands-on activities to captivate young minds. Group games, and creative expression activities foster social skills and build friendships, creating a dynamic environment where children can grow in their faith and understanding of God's love. Children must be fully potty trained to attend this classroom.

During the Summer this class will only be meeting during the 9:00 service.
In this dynamic classroom, elementary-aged children embark on exciting journeys of faith exploration and discovery. Engaging curriculum sets the stage for insightful discussions and meaningful learning experiences. Our volunteers guide students through Bible lessons and discussions tailored to their age and comprehension level, encouraging critical thinking and spiritual growth. Interactive games & multimedia presentations captivate their attention and inspire a deeper connection to God and His Word.

During the Summer this class will only be meeting during the 9:00 service.
Journey is a dynamic preteen ministry designed to inspire and empower older elementary students on their faith journey. Engaging discussions, relevant Bible lessons, and thought-provoking activities challenge students to dive deeper into their faith and develop a personal relationship with God. Small group discussions provide a supportive environment for sharing thoughts, asking questions, and building lasting friendships.

This class meets only at 9 AM. 4th-6th grade students who wish to attend our 10:45 service are welcome with their families.
C3 Buddies is a special needs ministry environment for children ages 4-10. Designed to be inclusive, supportive, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, it features:
Sensory-Friendly Spaces: Calm, quiet areas with sensory-friendly materials to accommodate children with sensory sensitivities.
Individualized Support: Trained volunteers provide one-on-one support and adapt activities to ensure every child can participate.
Flexible Curriculum: The curriculum is adapted to accommodate various learning styles and abilities, incorporating hands-on activities and interactive lessons.
Trained Staff: Staff has completed specialized training in disability awareness, behavior management, and inclusive teaching strategies.
Overall, the special needs ministry environment provides a welcoming and empowering space where children of all abilities can learn, grow, and experience the love of God.

This class meets only at 10:45 AM.
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